David White

Postdoc, Software Technologies Research Group (SWT)

University of Bamberg, Germany

Curriculum vitae

Current Research

My current research concerns the development of techniques to automatically learn the dynamic data structure behaviour in a program by analysing traces of its execution. For example, when considering a program that employs a linked list to implement a queue, I would like to automatically learn information such as the shape of the data structure (singly linked list), its behaviour (only operations consistent with a queue are permitted) and any relevant additional information (such as whether the list is implemented using a header node). The information determined from such an analysis will be used to inform formal verification, understand legacy code and aid in reverse engineering.

Keywords: program comprehension, dynamic analysis, pointer programs, machine learning, pattern recognition


Thesis and Projects


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An der Weberei 5, Raum 03.095
Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
96047 Bamberg

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